Razor Tongue Media

Awall Gets You Into A
"Tacoma State of Mind"

Awall aka 2piece aka Kaiser Soze is a fixture in Tacoma Hip Hop.  The town veteran has over two decades on the scene under his belt and he definitely isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.  In between making some of the area’s funniest Tik Tok videos, the man still has time to knock down some verses and put on for the City of Destiny.

With an aggressive banger produced by Marcus Lee, Awall lays down the law while simultaneously celebrating the city’s broad ethnic diversity.  Blessed with shots from 16 year old Jai Kai Beats facing some of the town’s iconic landscapes, the visual captures the beauty of the area to contrast the grittiness of the track.  Check it out and then holler at Awall at these spots below.


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