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Ayo Dot Pushes Through For The "Glory"

Ayo is dressed in a black t shirt and dark, circular-brimmed hat while leaning against a bar.

With the absence of live events through most of the year, I was thinking about which of the area’s artists were especially being missed out on. One name that should be on that list is Seattle’s Ayo Dot. A longtime stalwart in the live music scene, he and his Uppercuts crew have been rocking Northwest stages for many, many moons. If any of our favorite venues are still standing at the end of this, will be good to see Ayo and The Uppercuts on a bill soon.

In the meantime Ayo has dropped four singles over the year, the newest one being “Glory”. “Glory” is a high-energy trunk-rattler from KenzyBeats fit to have that chin popping and dipping. On it, Ayo alternates a triplet flow with a semi-auto delivery, hitting on target with the precise 1-2 shot burst. The lyrics are one part collar poppin’, one part salute to a strong work ethic, both parts steeped in that good seasoning only long time vets can provide. Kenzy keeps a spacey vibe hovering over a rumbling bassline making sure Ayo has what he needs to take the track out of the ozone. Get on the shuttle now and hit these streamers below.

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