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BARZ! Drops Video For "Day Nones", His Indictment On Lack of Support For Indie Artists

BARZ! just dropped the video for “Day Nones”, a stellar piece of art that has long been in the works but is well worth the wait. The grindhousey, psychedelic piece is a gorgeous peek into the mind of one of Tacoma’s longest standing mic controllers.  Directed by BARZ! himself and co-directed by Christopher Munson, “Day Nones” finds BARZ! spewing all over fake friends and the lack of support from his hometown, an experience underground artists all over suffer through, especially in Hip Hop.  Produced by Swift Holiday, the beat is chaotic and sinister, a perfect setting for a BARZ! laser set on kill mode.  Check the video out and get the track in your playlists at the links below.

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