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Big Matloc Wrecks Shop But "No Hook Tho"

Beat Armada and Big Matloc are a necessary combination! The new single, “No Hook Tho”, from Matloc off his soon to be released album titled Gangsterz Honor exemplifies and illustrates what makes the MC special and unique.

Usually an artist is rough or an artist is smooth. The homie Big Matloc is definitely both. He has a laid-back, big-man, deep-bass voice but he slings his pen like a lyrical swordsman. Definitely a man of the streets, but also definitely a true student of Hip-Hop – Matloc’s raps encompass both worlds. The Beat Armada track is bouncy and it allows Matloc to show off his rhythm and cadence. It is a beautifully shot video directed by Mac Films with paradise like city-scenes, Matloc chilling at a pool, posted in the kitchen, and tossing one back with his People.

Obviously there is not much of a hook other than Big Matloc telling us there is no hook, Lol! Peep game:

“Real gang land lining up a kill shot.
Still function with the neighborhoods and Hilltops.”

If you want more street-gems like this then put the video on repeat!


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