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Boom Bap Project Are Still Packing a Wallop On "Hagler vs Hearns"

15 years is a long time be gone from anything, let alone music.  But underground Hip Hop icons Boom Bap Project are back after that A-felony jail bid length of a hiatus.  Their new single is called “Hagler vs Hearns” and if there is any question whether the return was ill-advised, that type of thinking is quickly laid out on the canvas.

MC’s Destro and Karim hit us with the savage back and forth chemistry they made their bones with.  The duo are backed by their original DJ Tre to ensure the danger of a fiery two MC and single DJ combo is clear and present. Portland superproducer Trox provides the backdrop and when you put it all together, it instantly makes BBP’s forthcoming album Return Flight one of our most anticipated.  This type of song is literally the reason we made this site:  to show naysayers that even today, real Hip Hop is alive and well.  Don’t sleep.  Take a look at the Ricky Govan directed video now.

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