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Boom Bap Project Shine Like Neon With New Video "Deion Sanders"

Authentic NW Hip Hop flagbearers the Boom Bap Project just dropped a new video in “Deion Sanders”, another vicious testament to the timelessness of raw rap.

The illustrious Vitamin D provides the bombarding audio as Karim and Destro throw lyrical javelins like these from Karim: 

“Deion Sanders of Pacific Standard
Walk with these stripes over dusty ass samplers
Contaminated candor, the handler of bad breaks
Know the no fly zone that starts with the landscape”

DJ Tre drops more magic on the 1’s and 2’s during the intro and break between verses.  You can peep it all out above and should mark your calendar for the 8/13 release of their full album Return Flight.

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