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Build and Destroy Do It All For the "Famulation"

Earlier this summer, we posted about Tac Town social activist / Hip Hop crew Build and Destroy’s record Product of the Outrage. It’s a dope project filled with a lot of wisdom that you should go study on. The lead track on that album was “Famulation” which also had a second part to it that was a hidden track after E-Fly’s spoken-word outro. The two parts together and the aforementioned outro form the video which just dropped.

For those who haven’t heard it, “Famulation” is one part call to protest and one part auditory manifestation of the crew’s love for and dependence on each other. So fittingly, director John Rethorford follows the squad through everyday neighborhood activities where viewers can see the camaraderie and love for the community this crew has. Inbetween bar mercin’, there’s imagery of park chilling and kids having fun around the crew. This theme is powerful because it conveys that while BAD is pushing hard for change, the ultimate goal is peace from oppression. And that peace is something they practice in their lives as seen on screen here. The message is we are warriors, but we are also normal humans too who’d rather be doing fun shit than having to fight the system all the time.  And that’s about as real as it gets.

Check the video out and then the album at the outlets below.

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