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C. Ray Explodes On Raydiation

The cover for "Raydiation" by C. Ray features a side shot of the rapper's head with a nuclear explosion transposed where his brain would be.

Tri-Cities based MC/producer C. Ray has graced us with another collection of hits in the form of Raydiation¸ the independent MC’s most recent release and second album of 2020 (after Rhodes). Raydiation is a celebration of independence over anything else. C. Ray lets us know that his clout, skills, and success have all come to him of his own volition. Independent of any label, master, or God in no uncertain terms. While a scary prospect for some artists, C. Ray dives right into the deep end and delivers an eclectic mix of tracks on this new release.

While the entire project is fantastic, it really starts to pick up after the first couple of tracks. As we discussed earlier right here on RTM, “Lethal” is just great. It comes out of nowhere with a ska/reggae-inspired beat before getting straight into a heavily autotuned intro from C. Ray (Kanye autotune, as opposed to T-Pain autotune (there’s a difference (no, really))). C. Ray’s delivery after the intro is spitfire, in your face, and he starts to adapt what sounds like a Jamaican patois, but not quite. Lethal is just different enough to stand out from the rest of the album without totally clashing with the overall sound.

Later, C. Ray slows it down with the track “Ashes” (which has an…interesting four-minute and twenty-second runtime). What starts as a modern reinterpretation of “Ring Around the Rosie” morphs into an emotional track that tackles some heavy subjects like being grateful for what you have, C. Ray’s relationship with his baby mama, systemic racism, and life in the time of Covid. The second verse comes courtesy of prolific San Diego rapper Twisted Insane, who drops onto the track with his distinct chopper style. His delivery, much like C. Ray’s, is rapid-fire which seems to somehow compliment the slow and somber instrumental perfectly.

C. Ray has been putting in the work for years now and it shows. Raydiation is his most ambitious, mature project by far. C. Ray is seemingly flourishing as an independent creator, having actively shunned outside powers that might try to reign him in or change his style. Beyond that, C. Ray clearly knows the only person you can rely on in this world is yourself and you have to be a self-made success to really bask in the glory that is your own work. No Gods, no Masters. Truly the only things that can make you truly independently successful are hard work, determination, and a whole lot of talent.

Fingers crossed we get more C. Ray ASAP.


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