John L. Declares It’s <i>Better Now Than Never</i>

On cover of John L. "Better Now Than Never" album, the rapper/producer is seen standing against a building with a cap pulled down over his face.

John L. Declares It’s Better Now Than Never By Kody Linscott With daylight savings just hitting, weather making a turn for the better, and a vaccine date on the horizon, my outlook on life has been a lot better than it has for the last, oh, year or so. I haven’t had a lot of […]

Nobi and B-Boy Fidget Come “Clean” On New Banger

Cover for Nobi single "Clean" is drawn in the style of RugRats cartoon with pictures of Nobi, B-Boy Fidget-, theDGTL, and Philip Peterson.

Nobi and B-Boy Fidget Come “Clean” On New Banger by Nate Hodge Nobi and B-Boy Fidget have tag-teamed up on a new feel-good joint called “Clean” just in time to lead us out of winter.  When you hear the opening notes, you immediately understand that you needed a joint like this.  The airy production from […]

Nobi, Sol, Jamel Moxey, and Grimeshine Voltron Up On “Calling Me”

Cover for "Calling Me" from Grimeshine shows the interior of a car with a cell phone sitting near the center console.

Nobi, Sol, Jamel Moxey, and Grimeshine Voltron Up On “Calling Me” by Nate Hodge Grimeshine has shown a clear knack for assembling talent and drawing heat rocks from the squadron.  His latest concoction is “Calling Me”, a vigorous bopper featuring Nobi, Jamel Moxey, and Sol dropping A+ testimonials on their work ethic. Nobi sets things […]

John Dough 509 and Shao Sosa Rep For An Icon On “Due D8”

Cover for "Due D8" from John Dough 509 and Shao Sosa shows the headstone of Kyle Adams with a child sitting next to it.

John Dough 509 and Shao Sosa Rep For An Icon On “Due D8” By Josh Rizeberg All cities and even regions have O.G.’s in the Hip-Hop world. Hip-Hop only began in the 1970’s so of course many of the pioneers of the movement are still around and active. When younger members of their families have […]

Topp Shines With The “Glow”

Cover for Topp single "Glow" features a dark figure surrounded by a red glow floating through space.

Topp Shines With The “Glow” Photo by Quinton Peters by Josh Rizeberg Topp just released a brand new singled titled “Glow” available everywhere. This song is layered deep with lots of multi-faceted parts. The beginning has a delicate spoken word piece accompanied by a solo violin. Then the haunting, yet beautiful song begins. It is […]

Nobi Destroys Mics On New EP <i>Silhouette</i>

Cover for Nobi EP "Silhouette" features a shadowy image of Nobi holding an umbrella while standing under an open walled structure outside.

Nobi Destroys Mics On New EP Silhouette Photo by Zac Lauer By Josh Rizeberg Striking while the iron is hot is so very important in this fast-paced digital music world. Following the critical-acclaim of his 2020 release Fulminate, Nobi from Washington State drops a concise, four track ep titled Silhouette. Production is handled by Evngeo, […]

C. Ray Explodes On <i>Raydiation</i>

The cover for "Raydiation" by C. Ray features a side shot of the rapper's head with a nuclear explosion transposed where his brain would be.

C. Ray Explodes On Raydiation By Kody Linscott, Independent Contributor Tri-Cities based MC/producer C. Ray has graced us with another collection of hits in the form of Raydiation¸ the independent MC’s most recent release and second album of 2020 (after Rhodes). Raydiation is a celebration of independence over anything else. C. Ray lets us know […]

On The Blade With Yel

Yel has a new EP "The Life I Live" and on the cover she is seen squatting while listening to a cell phone.

On The Blade With Yel On The Blade is Razor Tongue Media’s interview series where we talk shit with underground Hip Hop personalities, both long established and up and coming.   By Timothy O’Brien Yel’s newest project The Life I Live explores the struggle and drama that she has experienced in writing, recording, and releasing music […]

Yel Lets Out Her Crazy With New Video For “Insane”

Insane is the new single from Yel. Here you can see her standing with her hands against each other while standing outside under a neon bar sign.

Yel Lets Out Her Crazy With New Video For “Insane” by Timothy O’Brien Yel brings us visual dynamite with the new music video “Insane”. Scorpio season is coming in hot this year with the lyrical genius and aesthetic rockstar that is Yel. This video finds us in quarantine while Yel and producer/co-director Topp start to […]

C. Ray is “Lethal” On His Latest

Lethal is the latest single from C. Ray

C. Ray is “Lethal” On His Latest by Shao Sosa The Northwest’s most complete package C. Ray has dropped another dose of that good good, a bumper set for smoke or riding sessions (or both) that should be in your rotation right now. Titled “Lethal”, the track sees Chuck hit you with a Rasta-influenced sonic […]