Chauncey Bass Declares “I Won’t Move”

Chauncey Bass Declares i won’t move By Josh Rizeberg Birds of a feather flock together so when I heard that Nobi’s brother-in-law had a new EP titled I Won’t Move I figured it would be pretty good. Sometimes the stars align and things come together like puzzle pieces. Bass’s new ep is a collection of […]

Yel Wonders “How Many Days” In New Vid

How Many Days is the new video from Yel.

Yel Wonders “How Many Days” In New Video by Shao Sosa Yooooooooooo, I may really be biased here but whatever with it.   Yel is one of my favorite MC’s period and my favorite female MC out the NW.  Her style is so magnetic and charismatic that every time she touches a track you can’t help […]

Nobi’s Debut Album “Fulminate” is a Soundtrack To Today & Not To Be Missed

Cover for Nobi's album Fulminate features a pixelated black and white image of Nobi's face, eyes closed, looking to the sky.

Nobi’s Debut Album Fulminate is a soundtrack to today and not to be missed Guest Review By Josh Rizeberg This time in the world calls for action: Action against police-brutality, against racial-injustice, and fighting to empower The People. Young Folks are at the forefront of movements and this one is no different. If you have […]

Topp is Moving At Full Speed As Shown By His Latest “All Day”

Topp Is Moving At Full Speed As seen on his latest “All Day” Topp has been on a steady pace for lap after lap and shows no signs of slowing down.  If there was any question, its shut down on his latest single “All Day”.  Featuring TheBoyBeerus, “All Day” is one for the mosh pit, […]