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Close Your Week Off With
"4 Bluntz"
From Blake Anthony

Blake Anthony has "4 Bluntz" for you on his new track.

First things first, much respect for the confession of love before any bars are laid down throughout the beat. That feeling is very similar to the one felt upon hearing the bass drop shortly after. Sometimes you just know when something good is about to unfold. 4 Bluntz by Blake Anthony is such a song with quite a captivating intro. The song title primes you into a headspace that anticipates mellow, relaxing and rhythmic flows centered on a Croup production that utilizes a slamming “Doggy Dogg World” inspired bassline.

Opening the track, Anthony waxes witty on a host of topics but one thing jumped out when he briefly touches on the way he feels in reference to his old city. Yet despite the love that city has for him, Anthony says if it wasn’t for his family there would be no reason to return. We can only hope the current Tacoman is speaking on his old residence of Topeka because the man is becoming a can’t miss artist in our backyard.

The method in which Anthony alternates between spitting and his other sing-songy cadence is something to study. One cannot help but think back to the easy flowing and fluently pliable way with words that artists like The Notorious B.I.G. had during his time. Not that Anthony sounds like Biggie, but just that his delivery on every track becomes an instrument that blends so well with the instrumentation.

So, how do you get 4 Bluntz? Anthony gives you the method :

“Wake up. I’m rolling up two/
Bedtime? I’m rolling up two.”

Simple math, really. Let us start off slowly though and roll up this joint together. We’ll work our way up to match his four.


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