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Cool Nutz and Karim Show Off The Stripes On "190 Grainz"

When you look at artists who have withstood the test of time, artists who have been through seasons of life many times repeated and persevered, one can’t help but hold 2020 up to those careers and draw parallels. I was thinking of that when watching “190 Grainz”, the new video from Cool Nutz featuring Karim from Boom Bap Project. Nutz continues to show no signs of age, steady putting out dope material year after year.  And while we haven’t heard from Karim aka Nightclubber Lang in about a decade or so, he shows here that he has not lost a single step in his time away.  The two generals appearing together now show that while 2020 has been the most tumultuous year in some time for most, its just another ring in the trunks of oak.

Produced by Jeb206, the track is a feast for real spitters.  Featuring a tough drum track punctuated by sparse bongos that add a tribal feel to it, the instrumentation keeps the perfect amount of space for Terry Flynt and Lang to trade verses over.  Neither step light either, a longtime camaraderie likely inspiring competition to elevate the flamery.  It’s a record that has us hype for Nutz’s next album Failure is the Feeling which is dropping New Year’s Day. Until then, keep this one in rotation!!


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