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Cory Tate Has Us Watching For The "Soul Eater"

Cover of "Soul Eater", the single from Cory Tate features the MC standing outside of a creepy looking, abandoned white house.

Cory Tate has been quiet for just a liiiiiiil bit after a busy first half of 2020 which saw him drop two solo singles and the fantastic est twenty record with Aeon Raps and Savelli.  Cory is definitely one to not stay quiet for too long though and just in time for Halloween, he hit fans with a sinister treat of a track.   So if you follow our current schedule, this means its right about time for us to write it up.

“Soul Eater” is Tate’s summation of a current societal landscape wrapped in greed and snakeism, a psychedelic journey produced by France’s Ugly Mac Beer that sonically feels like you might have came out of a two tab acid trip and found yourself in a haunted house.  And that means dope as fuck.  The track has this feel of something sinister breathing over your shoulder in a dark corner of a basement,  adding an eerie organic feel to Cory’s spitterations.  The man has plenty to say with a 6/8 flow somehow adding mystery to the already murky banger.  Who knew 6/8 had a dark side!  Tate did.  Check it out exclusively at his Bandcamp and follow him at the links below.


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