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D. Stylez keeps it moving this summer

My last article was on Nobi, the incredibly talented Hip-Hop artist based out of Washington State. I did not mention that his father is the accomplished Hip-Hop artist, Shao Sosa. Well, this is a trend that we will be seeing more of. As Hip-Hop ages, so do the children of artists. The children of Wu Tang have their own group, Big Pun’s son is a respected lyricist, Eazy-E’s son has his own career, this is just to name a few of the children of national Hip-Hop artists that have made it on their own. Here locally: King Wojack’s son is talented, Miztah Zelle’s son is the incredibly dope Shoulderz Da LoC, and AwallAKA2Piece’s son is D. Stylez.

D. Stylez is a R&B singer with a youthful falsetto. He recently released a video titled “Gotta Keep it Movin” and it is perfect for the summertime. The video, directed by Cameron Couch, looks like summer with the sun shining, scooter riding, and a fresh, crispy, white bucket-hat sported by the young artist. Produced by Dystinkt Beats, the song does have a happy, go-lucky, West Coast vibe to it but the lyrics are not juvenile. Stylez has a certain intelligence, street wisdom, and upliftment to his words that makes him seem wise beyond his years. This is a feel good song, meant to pick you up and help you out on a struggling day. With all the turmoil in the world today it is nice to have something positive to listen to. This video shows the world D. Stylez can help it feel better.

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