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Doughkain and Josh Rizeberg Offer Eloquent Wisdom on New Track

Cover of Doughkain and Josh Rizeberg's single "Lambs to the Slaughter" features a lamb on a leash walking alongside a hillside.

Doughkain and Josh Rizeberg are two names who have both been heavily involved in the Tacoma scene for over the last decade.  Both have a stout number of guest appearances as well as their own projects and there are not many people they aren’t connected to in some way in the Tac’s Hip Hop community.  

For them to team up on a conscious track is an interesting combo.  This is not due to the track being conscious though.  While Rizeberg’s entire discography speaks on activism and awareness and Doughkain has also broached important topics over his body of work, its the different styles they have done this in that might make fans of them both wonder what is coming on the team-up.

But it absolutely works on their collab “Lambs to the Slaughter”.  The track, provided by BG of Muzikal Masterminds, is slow and thoughtful with a lumbering 808 behind.  It allows plenty of room for Doughkain and Rize to breathe on the track and get their thoughts off their chests.  And there is plenty to unpack here, both speaking with the seasoning that comes with years of watching the blocks around them. 

The message here hits on two wavelengths.  First, Dough offers that while the system is designed to keep the block down, too many are trapped focusing on their bad hands without admitting their own culpability in how the cards are dealt.  This analysis is summed up best when he says: 

“Worked to perfection with the execution

We volunteer and help them execute us

Our own brothers are their favorite shooters”

It’s a somber and necessary message that calls on people to challenge themselves on their own flaws to build a new foundation.  Rizeberg then answers in his verse attacking the blueprint that built this trap in the first place.  In it, he calls out classism, police brutality, and immigration policies in one sweeping stroke.  The latter especially is broke down with a powerful pair of bars in:

“Hypocrisy, all I see is wicked Canaanites

How can we have illegal aliens when we have inalienable rights?”

“Lambs to the Slaughter” is a strong piece on the state of Tacoma streets and inner-city avenues beyond.  Get to the track by hitting up these links below.


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