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ESO FT Reps Hard With That East Side Energy

Close up of gold chains with various pictures and of ESO FT's friends.

One of Tacoma’s most lyrically talented and street conscious Hip-Hop outfits is the Pyranha Gang, repping the Eastside. One of the members, ESO FT, recently released his debut solo album titled East Side Energy. The album cover art is colorful and features glimpses of a well-known Tacoma Eastside mural. It is hard to find a crew that reps the Eastside more proper than Pyranha Gang.

In particular, ESO FT is a savvy, street-smart, slick-talking M.C. He has a clear voice that cuts through the electricity and sounds alive in your ears. His cadence is so West Coast you will thank the Hip-Hop GODS. Every word is dripping with so much sauce it will stain your ears. To hear ESO rap is to hear all the game wrapped-up from every pimp, mack, hustler, player, and gangsta you ever heard on a West Coast corner. FT is one of the younger members of Pyranha Gang and his voice has an infectious energy that makes you want to follow along.

Available on all streaming platforms, the album is short, perfect, and straight to the point. It’s produced entirely by Mvrkiss Mvde, which gives the project a cohesive, organic flow that defines the tone of the record.  Each beat is meant for the trunk, all Left Coast slumpers that bring the subwoofers and guns out.   The first song is a smooth intro with a spoken-word, Tacoma introduction, spoken-word style. Then ESO FT layers one slick verse.

The first actual song is “Keep It Playa”. This has a classic West-Coast understated bounce. It is ESO being playerlistic. This is a cold ode to the gentlemen and ladies on the rules of the game.

Next is “Connected” featuring Big Matloc who is also in Pyranha Gang and is ESO FT’s older brother. It is another silky song. The beat is soft and it highlights the hustler raps that the brothers spit.

The rest of the album stays in this lane.  There are well-written bars about hustling. All in all, this album has more of a musical, R&B sound to it sonically than other Pyranha Gang releases but the lyrics are still street smoldering:

“I got a Glock on my hip / but don’t trip

It’s all defense I’m here for the chips

Real ni@#a but I politic with all the Crips

Real Bloods and some Folks bro, I’m with all the shits

Couple USO’s, Mexicans, the Asians my nigg’s

Little Baby on my line that’s why she wants me to hit.”

Put some gas in yo whip, cruise down McKinley, and soak up the vibes. My favorite song is the Outro. It is a slumping, bass and melody heavy tune, a proper ode to the streets and a strong way to end the album.



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