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Fatal Lucciauno, Livio, and Un A.K. Hit Center Mass on "Deadnyce"

Red microphones hang from ceiling.

Every now and then you just have to let rappers rap.  No message music, no odes to good days long passed, no hollering at your honey music.  Sometimes MCs’s need to just tell you how dope they are or give good game up.  Its the foundation that Hip Hop was built on, and something Razor Tongue Media will always love when done right.

On “Deadnyce”, Un A.K. is joined by Livio and Fatal Lucciauno to form up a relentless attack stance.  Their formation is backed by a Marv Won production that sounds like Godzilla made a surprise appearance out of Elliott Bay and didn’t like the Great Wheel.  Its angry and sinister, and a perfect backbone to allow the trio to reach out and touch cats.  Funk Daddy also makes an appearance on the ones and twos, rounding out the classic recipe for a Hip Hop joint: beats, rhymes, and scratchery.  Its a reminder we don’t always need that extra shit to go gorilla.  Go peep and let us know who had the hottest verse.


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