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Get In The Frame With
Don James & BlockRepp Shad
On "Picture Me"

Earlier this year Tacoma’s favorite Hip-Hop Son Ace Loner AKA Don James released a tight-knit EP titled Seven Series which boasts an impressive 7 songs. The album is Don’s usual masterpiece: consisting of clever bars, well chosen beats, selected guest-verses, well-sung hooks, and masterful song-writing. James’s music has a lasting impact and impression. All of his earlier releases still hit; many of them are considered local classics and still have a current, fresh vibe to them. This is because Don James is a real talent. His pocket is one that true-school Hip-Hop heads love and street-dudes totally appreciate. He is right where he should be, getting love from both sides of the Hip-Hop coin.

His latest video and single is “Picture Me” featuring Blockrepp Shad. Shad is currently king of the streets in Tacoma. He has a knack for witty, clever, humorous, sharp, streetisms that are battle-tested and war-proven. The Beat Armada supplies the slap and it is a timeless, slow groove. The track is a good example of Don James’s music. It exists in a temporal, ethereal, timeless state. It is Rap, R&B, trippy, beautiful, there are so many layers and they all work together. Shout out Michael Donnell and JacMov with cameo’s. The visual is a day in the park and around town with their young-one’s and a few selected homies. It has a nice, home feeling to it that matches the prettiness of the music.

After the bullshit, after the fake shit, after all that shit

After the smoke clears, we gon’ still be here

Grew from the concrete, this ain’t a breakthrough

This world will break you, don’t let it take you down”.

This is the hook sung by Don and it encapsulates the motion and presence of the song, video, his music-catalogue, and the Man himself. Support Ace Loner!


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