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Hanif gives you the business on "llc"

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It was with great pleasure that any Hip Hop head with the smallest smidgen of good taste took the news that Hanif, one of the nicest to ever put the pen to the page, was returning this year after a lengthy hiatus from making music.  His EP No Clout dropped in April and quickly made the rounds and certified that the Portland heavy hitter had not shown a bit of deterioration.

Neef recently dropped the “LLC” video to bolster the standout EP.  “LLC” has a laid back head nod vibe provided by long time compatriot Tope but Hanif still hits listeners in the ear with his trademark rapid whispery rasp that gets listeners with that kapow.  Its that sonic clash that makes Neef so engaging, boasting a cadence smoother than a fresh fade that coincidentally he could you plug you with.  Come for the dope music, stay for the haircut.  Its a win-win all around.


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