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Hunter Gillam and Campana Are Velvet Smooth On "I'll Be Waiting"

Hunter Gillam is seen here standing in a white t-shirt and blue jeans.

Portland native turned Bellingham local Hunter Gillam has jumped into the center of the neo-soul arena this year with six tracks dropped in 2020.  His latest effort is “I’ll Be Waiting”, a ready for the dance-off groovefest that features Campana on a couple verses and BrandonLee Cierley killing a horn solo. 

Gillam’s swingy production keeps the tone wavy as he and Campana address objects of their affections, Gillam on someone he is just getting to know while Campana works out issues with his significant other.  It all comes together to kinda harken back to a crowded night at the jazz bar, something we all hope we can get back to soon.

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