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Illmac and Milc Will Have You Hooked on "Cocaine Blunts"

There’s a lot of cats working hard out here on the West Coast indie rap scene but how many of them are working as hard as Illmac?  It’s a legit question.  The man has dropped three albums in under a year and has been beasting all over features through it all as well.  But one name that might come to mind is fellow Portland clock puncher Milc who also has three full-length projects in the same time span.  This week they reunited on the stellar “Cocaine Blunts” after Milc made an appearance on Illmac’s most recent album Atmn.

“Cocaine Blunts” is A1-primo, pun intended.  Over some nasty Chase Moore grimy shit that lights up my heart, Milc and ‘Mac flip English like inner-city corner stores before the birth of alcohol impact areas.  It’s more testimony to the Rose City’s penchant for growing some of the filthiest spitters on the coast.  Excited to see what’s next.

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