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John MF Ward and Iyzlow Matisse Strike an Impressive "Balance" On New Track

John MF Ward and Iyzlow Matisse cover for "Balance" has a drawing of scales with lilacs on one half and blue bonnets on the other representing Texas and Spokane.

Earlier this year, we had brought up Spokane’s Algorhythm Northwest crew and two of that collective just dropped a new track called “Balance”.   It’s the type of dope shit that begs a good bottle or blunt to appreciate it with and shows that we weren’t wrong in calling them out for building an impressive catalog..

“Balance” is John MF Ward‘s latest single and features Iyzlow Matisse.  A native Texan, Ward is in Spokane now joining Matisse in spitting out the Lilac City.  The cover speaks to this, displaying Texas’s bluebonnets in a scale opposite lilacs.  The pair throw out some good game about perspective and work ethic over a moving Skeyes Beats arrangement that will get your noggins in motion.  Make sure to get it in your rotation.

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