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John MF Ward Has Arrived and You Are Going To Want To Keep a "Tab" On Him

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The last few weeks we have been highlighting a few dope R&B joints that have been dropping from around the region.  We normally focus on straight Hip Hop but hey, when something is dope, it’s dope, and we are going to plug it.  But what if you can have both, as in a cat that can sang and spit at the same time?   Enter John MF Ward.

John who???  If that’s what you are asking, don’t trip. Those were my sentiments as well,  especially after learning he resides in Spokane, a city that is not always in the conversation when speaking on soul talent. This is despite the Lilac City having already just hit us recently with a gem from Jacklando that we really should have covered here.  So what exactly is brewing in the water over there?  I don’t know, but I’m gonna see who has the hookup on a case or two.

John MF Ward is headquartered in the Spook having made the move from Killeen, TX.  In the Lone Star State, he cut his teeth singing in a church in nearby Brushy Creek and you can hear that influence on a few high notes of his new single “Tab”.  That’s about the only church you are going to get on the track though.  “Tab” is not Sunday morning fodder, its fit for Friday and Saturday nights where you are sitting next to a bad one or two and feeling good about your future.  It’s cocky without being abrasive.  John Ward believes in what he is doing and goddammit, now we do too.

“Tab” is about as smooth as a piece of ice in the Artic, with Ward alternating between the aforementioned crooning and an impressive rap delivery on some quick stanzas within the verses.  The beat (produced by PK) is butter also, got an old school Cadillac feel with a vicious bassline John goes ham on.  The track was enough to have me check and see what else Ward has been up to where I found he had another dope one in 2020 with Exzac Change called “Make It Right”. Put together, the records are something that will have Ward on our follow list for the immediate future, as he should be on yours too.


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