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Krime and Shaheed Get Straight To The Facts

When it comes to a Tacoma sound: 1 thing the city has is grime, toughness, roughness, raw, uncut, street, real, whatever you want to call it. One of the innovators and originators of this ethos is Krime. Krime has been at this professional Hip-Hop thing for well over 25 years. He is one of the first successful rappers from our city. He has always stayed active and relevant but as far as actually dropping new albums this is his first release in ten years. The video is titled “Fact of Matter” and it features Shaheed. It is the first single off Krime’s new album set to release soon titled “2020 T.R.O.Y. Files”. The video is available to watch on YouTube.

It is a dark, cool looking, stripped-down, simple yet fresh sounding song and video. Starting off hard is Shaheed who is rocking a kufi and looking dipped. The fashion matches the vibe of the video and song which is street-knowledge. Krime comes in with the second verse and he sounds sick as always. Krime has a real unique flow, it is a bit off kilter but it gives his words a heaviness and weight that really hit your soul when they land. The video is outside, nighttime, and has a somber feel. There are scenes where the crew is standing with the hands-up don’t shoot stance. It is very powerful and befitting for our times. Rise In Power George Floyd and as always…FUCK THE POLICE.