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Livt’s "Sade to Infinity" provides a smooth groove to get us through a dark winter.

Livt's new single is "Sade Til Infinity" and here she is seen dressed in all white and playing a piano.

Livt’s new single “Sade to Infinity” is a relaxing smooth soul infused track that is guaranteed to keep that vibe on peak. With a groovy beat that is just as easy to listen to as the melody is to hum along to, Livt provides an amazing love infused song that is catchy and obsessive to listen to.

The first single release in 2020 comes with a smooth flow compared to the sharp tongued rap that we find in the December 2019 track “DOA” with Perry Porter, Nobi, and Jaga. “Sade to Infinity” promises to cool down our speakers and help us chill with a hard hitting love ballad that will accompany any date night or sweet post netflix and chill bedroom midnight date.    

Throw this track in the queue on repeat and sing along for hours. Livt takes the smooth lyricism from her September 2019 album “Black Girl Unbothered” and the soul influenced sonic backdrop and provides a glimpse into the artists love life and passionate musical mind. 

Take these smooth bars as a great hint that more amazing things are to come from this artist, more R&B hits and hopefully a future album with more chill beats and hopefully more wisdom infused rhymes for a late night smoke sesh and some all night listening. 


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