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Lroc Shows Off His MVP Status on The Art of Playmaking

Lroc sits in the middle of a city street while framed in a giant golden frame on the cover to "The Art of Playmaking".

Lroc has done it. 

The madman actually did it.

Lroc managed to follow up 2020’s sprawling, masterful Luxury/Trap with another collection of bangers on his latest album, The Art of Playmaking. He’s continued to refine his style and really hits the mark on his latest release. 

The project was preceded by two singles, Crazy and Savage, both of which are included on Playmaking as well. I won’t go into too much detail about them here (rest assured, they still slap), but if you want to hear what we think, check that out here.

A highlight track for sure is “Slimy” where my only complaint is that it’s too short. At just 90 seconds in length, “Slimy” opens with this great, clean-sounding acoustic guitar which melds seamlessly with a Trap Lite beat that doesn’t overpower it. There are a lot of pop sensibilities here, with the bouncing instrumentals, talk-rap-singing, and modern-day call and response/back-up vocals in the background. Honestly, this track just feels crispy with tight production and vocals. It’s fantastic how Lroc is able to make this (relatively) poppy song fit right into his album without a hitch. 

The Rob Nollan-produced slapper “Office Space”, also great. It opens with a sample from 1999’s Office Space, namely a conversation about what the characters would do with a million dollars. The last line, ‘chicks dig dudes with money’ is repeated throughout the song which fits so perfectly with the theme of the track. It is braggadocious, LOUD, and a fitting celebratory end to the album. It rounds out a brassy, booming instrumental with great guest verses from album contributors MoneySeason 3RD and MoneySeason Biggs. 

Lroc has really impressed me with this album, but that shouldn’t come as a shock. The man has been putting in the work since the start of his career and it feels like he’s zeroed in on what makes him so great. 

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