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Mac $ane is Staying Active With Two More Slumpers

Tacoma has had a busy year in 2021, especially in the Street Hop arena.  Mac $ane has been dropping a new single at an average of one per month, three of which we covered earlier this year.  He has two new ones in “Wayyy Back” and “Sumthin’ Major”, which both highlight Mac’s commitment to the classic West Coast rap sound.  

It’s something he excels at.  “Wayyy Back” sits atop rumbling instrumentation provided by Grammy-nominated producer Amplified (Snoop Dogg, WC).  Over a nasty bassline, Mac paints a picture of life in the late 80’s and 90’s, the era in which he made his bones. He paints a vivid picture of the timeframe and anyone who grew up in that time is going to recognize what he is speaking on.  Anyone who didn’t will get a good lesson.

On “Sumthin’ Major”, Roc Phizzle checks in both as producer and with the talkbox.  Phizzle is a hitter in multiple facets, a true renaissance man who crushes the track and vocals.  The tone of “Sumthin’ Major” is more summertime good vibes than “Wayyy Back’s” sinister sound, but $ane still puts the picture on the canvas with precision.  He breaks down the Mac way while Phizzle punctuates the verses with a fire hook and bridge to close the knocker out.

Mac $ane has lined up a string of dope releases this year.  Make sure to hit him up at these streamers below.

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