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Mac $ane Brings Back That Good West Coast on "Top Ramen"

Single is Rapper's Fourth of 2021

For a while now, trends in rap have been moving in all kinds of directions with chopping, triplet flows, and trap hop becoming the dominant choices amongst the game’s young voices.  So we here at Razor Tongue always appreciate hearing an MC pay homage to the old school in a manner that still sounds fresh.  Mac $ane aka CD $ane is all over that idea with “Top Ramen”, his latest out of four 2021 singles.  It’s a pure trunk rattler produced by Drin Vasco that harkens to the days where MCs spit good game with no smoke and mirrors. 

$ane is someone who is very vocal about his music taste on social media, a cat who is in love with the same era of music I grew up on.  So I shouldn’t have been surprised to hear a Redhead Kingpin reference in “Top Ramen” but it definitely had me hitting the rewind button.  The whole feel of the single brought it back to the best days of Too Short and Ant Banks.

“Top Ramen” is $ane’s fourth release this year after dropping “I Am” and “Behind The Shield” as CD $ane and “She’s a Prostitute” (Featuring Roc Phizzle, Silky Saucy, and Money Marqui$e)” and now “Top Ramen” under his alias Mac $ane.  The four tracks show a diverse blend of flavors.  “I Am” finds $ane chopping his biography over a Big Squeeze slumper whereas “Behind The Shield” captures him gassing over police oppression behind a vicious Tryfe track.  “She’s A Prostitute” brings listeners to a player’s ball atmosphere, a lane you don’t hear very often in rap anymore.  Roc Phizzle lends the top shelf level talkbox he is known for and also produced.

You can check all four of these slaps out below.  Make sure to get them in your rotation!

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