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Makkk Hussien & Southpaw Lefty Are on That Chin With "heinous crimes"

Cover of Makkk Hussein's Heinous Crimes single.

First things first, if you didn’t check out Makkk Hussien’s Hurricane Isaac: Momma’s Little Villain EP last year, stop now and go do that.  Like now.  That record is one of the dopest street hop releases out the NW in sometime.  So allow yourself that indulgence in greatness.  Then follow that up by checking out his latest single “Heinous Crimes” and you will be ready for the album coming in July.

“Heinous Crimes” features Minnesota’s Southpaw Lefty and is the lead single to Makkk’s forthcoming Supreme Gangstaz.  The track features a blistering soundscape provided by Boombox Massacre to match the current climate of this country.  Its a perfect backdrop for Lefty and Makkk to vent their frustrations with what’s going on and what’s BEEN going on outside our windows in plain sight.

The venting isn’t limited to the actions of one time either.  Hussien questions the current code of the streets with:

Eyes on my frenemies, and the police/
Cuz they’ll do you in, leave you dead like Cochise/
These cold streets/man these suckas don’t know beef/
We thin slice swine like lunch meat/
Got niggas killing niggas, now they thinking they OG/
But see 12 coming? Turn around and get cold feet, that’s some buulllllllshit

Hussien has consistently been growing into a militant mindset for years now and you can hear it in every release he drops.  As the temperature continues to rise in an already scathing 2020, we can only expect to hear more of the anger felt on blocks everywhere to be channeled into Makkk’s music.  Make a note for Supreme Gangstaz to be on your must listen list when it drops.


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