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Makkk Hussien and Cally Reed Speak Heat On "Kruel Summers"

Makkk Hussien and Cally Reed are pictured in 3d animated format here in the cover to their single "Kruel Summers"

Blocks everywhere are gearing up for a hot summer.  Action in the U.S.  has been elevating all year and Tacoma, WA bears testimony to that.  The atmosphere there has been simmering for months.  Speaking on two ends of that are town vets Makkk Hussien and Cally Reed on the new Stuey Newton produced single “Kruel Summers”.  Newton takes the classic Banarama sample and turns it into a block smasher while Hussien and Reed drop perspectives on the current situation and how their own experiences have been affected by it.  Get in your trunk now.

A further side note is that Makkk and Cally have some big things percolating in the kitchen.  We can’t give up the details yet, just keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned right here.

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