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Makkk Hussien and Roc'Phizzle Are In Impeccable Form On "Streets Keep Callin'"

Cover for Makkk Hussien's "Streets Keep Callin'" features a cell phone with a missed call. On the left side of the phone is a urban street and on the right side of the phone is a warehouse with a time card being punched in.

Tacoma’s Makkk Hussien is getting after it this year.  Having already dropped the stellar project Supreme Gangstaz in July, one could assume it would be possible that he would rest on his Chucks until 2021.  But this is not the case at all.  Off his 38 Special album arriving in just a few weeks, the first single “Streets Keep Callin'” is a banger cut in the classic West Coast sound that also features Roc’Phizzle on the talkbox hook.

Makkk is an expert in making music crafted from the vintage left coast style while still ensuring it sounds fresh today.  “Streets Keep Callin'” is a testament to that, a mid-tempo anthem meant for ’64s rolling under sunshine.  Makkk and Roc dish on how no matter how much they age, there always is a piece of them tied to the concrete.  Roc rolls over the Young Bangaz track like top shelf over ice and Makkk keeps that quiet assassin delivery he is known for in top form.  Get this one in the whip now until 38 Special drops.

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