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Makkk Hussien Toasts Hard Work On "All Mines"

Tax season has long been called out from Hip Hop figures as the time to spot three week ballers and wolf ticket salesman everywhere.  Combined with this year’s timely stimulus payments, these times should be ripe for an outbreak of tycoon imitation like no other we have seen.

But those payments have also seen a spike in investment in stocks and businesses.  People are putting money into their futures as well as treating themselves and Makkk Hussien addresses these moves in his new single “All Mines”.  It’s a tip of the hat to those out there putting in work,  doing what they need to in order to get by, and how that extra fetti is helping cats and queens get a few rungs up.  Over a chill, soulful track from Razing The Cratez, Makkk spotlights those getting it done and how they should be proud of everything they are pulling in.   Go peep it now!

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