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Marshall Law Band
and Nobi Say It "Louder"

Marshall Law Band and Nobi definitely captured the moment that America is in right now as far as racism goes in the new video “Louder (Black & Proud)”. What they did was take what is currently going on today and mirrored it with what was happening in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s, by deciding to don old-school costumes in this wonderful melodic presentation. Their creative expression in this new project was meant to signify how the United States truly lives in the same mind state in the year 2020 as they did over fifty years ago.

If Marshall Law Band is planning on performing at protests in the near future (as they did back in June of 2020 when according to a recent article from The Stranger they continued to perform live during protests even when tear gas and flash bangs were thrown by authorities), then this new song, “Louder (Black & Proud)”,would be perfect for keeping protesters peaceful and musically entertained. The entire feel of the Chase Fade and Marshall Hugh directed video is so cool, because the entire band, the extras who are dancing or roller skating, as well as the featured rapid-fire lyrical spitter Nobi, are all dressed in 1970’s attire, everything from bright bellbottoms to colorful polyester shirts!

Marshall even delivered his verse in an old-school way, and purposefully rapped in the style similar to The Sugar Hill Gang. Marty Thordarson, the band’s saxophone player, takes a good thirty seconds in between rap verses to flex his skills on the horn. Then Nobi, of course, kills his verse, and makes any listener want to hit rewind before even letting the song play all the way out. 

All in all, “Louder (Black & Proud)” is another meaningful and very well-developed track by Marshall Law Band that will be loved by their fans even long after the protesting in America has ceased. 


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