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Mic Capes is not playing with "vanna white"

Mic Capes has a new single called "Vanna White"

   In an era of rap where a lot of compromise is met to appease neutral listeners–who may not be checking for the skill of a rap artist–Mic Capes continues to be a breath of fresh air as one who takes their writing serious. This is not an attempt to diminish commonplace rap music we hear at social gatherings or radio as any form can be used to create something timeless or classic.  However, putting a spotlight on the art itself as I try to separate the calibers of writing, I look for a balance between the well thought of and the simple approach. Granted one can have their own personal preference, but to ignore the makings of it all makes an individual’s taste noticeably clear. Cape’s latest single is the Trox produced “Vanna White” and it is a quick showcase of their compatibility through beats and rhymes. What is a great rapper without a dope producer? Probably something I am not listening to. That being said, on the first listen I quickly recognized that there is nothing short of greatness through the one minute and twenty-four seconds that is “Vanna White”.


   In my opinion, Mic Capes raps with technique that is reminiscent of your current favorite rapper, which is to not discredit the work or quality that identifies the MC, but to only highlight his ability to clearly go toe to toe with modern day artists that we put at the pinnacle of MCing. Capes makes it very evident that he is a master of his own craft. “Control the flow like traffic lights” paints a clear description for his ability to develop a flawless rhyme scheme that flows so well one would think he makes rapping look too easy. Skill speaks for itself literally when you can incorporate witty wordplay, immaculate imagery, with an approach to the beat that allows even the most basic hit as hard as any punchline, metaphor, or entendre. If me expressing the creativity that is Mic Capes does not do justice, then him telling you “I done made a living off working words like Vanna White” should. The hook is authentic in its usage, in that it is only used as if someone wanted to prove they could make a shot from half court and do it again with succession for good measure.   

   On the production side, the beat is very eerie and yet melodic, as if you walked into a heavy mist or dark room with a sense of knowing where you were going. There is also this constant build up that creates this “on the come-up sensation” like no opposing force is stopping the climb to the top. Everything is well put together for good quality to compliment the style of raps. Trox makes me wonder what more could be built off a finished product and the endless ideas he can come up with many other works. As mentioned before a lot of compromise is made to appease mainstream audiences that I consider very neutral in the sense of listening, which I feel begins with the sound. When you take a look at what stands the test of time the conversation is met with innovation, distinction, and creativity, which are only a few of the elements present throughout “Vanna White”. 

   Even for such a quick feature, I appreciate how well everything is put together from the writing to the production and how both in their own right show how special their abilities are. Although short, professionals never slack and thus here the art never falters. Do yourself a favor and check out the track one time if you need a touch of quality from the norm. 

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