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Motamouth Jones, Nena Kapone, & D. Stylez Step Through With Klown Shoez

Motamouth Jones has been a staple of Tacoma and Washington State Hip-Hop since the early 2000’s. Anyone in the game that long goes through some changes and we have seen Motamouth Jones come from being a well-respected street battler to a fully-evolved, loud color wearing, Klown-style trendsetter. The K.O.E. Family (Klownz Over Everything) is now extended all the way down to Las Vegas and this is where the video to Motamouth’s new single takes place. His partner in rhyme and fellow Klown Nena Kapone provides a guest verse and the hook is laced by D. Stylez of Tacoma. The video is a sunny, fun day in Vegas where we get to see some dancing hooked-up by Leo (Charles Carson) and some twerking from PurpleHayze Dayzed. The beat, produced by Beat Champ, has a party sound and the song is titled “Klown Shoez”.

If you have never seen Jones and Kapone than let me tell you that they wear very unique foot-wear. Nena has cowboy-boots with extremely long and pointed upwards toes. Motamouth Jones is rocking some zebra print loafers. The verses are sharp and aggressive. Check it out and get hip to one of the more unique Hip-Hop families to ever come out the Tac.


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