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Myles Bullen and Mosart 212 Take You Into Profound Depths While Looking For A Body

Myles Bullen and Mosart 212
Take You Into Profound Depths While
Looking For A Body

Portland, Maine MC Myles Bullen dropped the impressive Healing Hurts at the end of 2020 which we wrote about in January.  It was our first look at the busy young artist from a state we admittedly know little about outside of Stephen King novels.  But the compelling lyricism on Healing Hurts highlighted Bullen’s ability to dig deep into himself to pull out stories of his struggles that listeners everywhere feel drawn to.  He recently teamed up with fellow veteran producer and Portlander Mosart212 to drop Looking For a Body where he continues to display a propensity for crafting percipient analysis of the human psyche by looking at his own.

Mosart is Bullen’s elder by some years and such seems to take on the role of sonic guide for Myles by providing soundscapes that seem to stretch the youngster into an even deeper area of thought than he has shown capability of before.  The EP starts with the jarring “Sing”, an instrumental intro with a repeating vocal sample that seems to command Bullen to get ready to produce.  We then  dive into “Holographic Butterflies”, a spacey and ethereal stage that paints a gorgeous horizon for Myles to gaze out on and verbalize feeling helpless like this here:

With all the dead weight you carry you must weigh a skeleton
I won’t stop this journey til I’m hella done
Helicopter drones, telepathic telephones
Tellin’ me to be more minimal
Fucked up this world is people labeled criminal
Possessions of cannabis
No help for the homeless
No justice, no healthcare
No nothing, no nothing, 
No, I am no saviour, no I don’t know nothing”

Later on “Sky/Clap”, 212 brings in a hauntingly beautiful string set that builds up to an ill percussion break that tiptoes almost into drum and bass but doesn’t quite put the full foot in. It’s probably my fave backdrop on an EP full of dope ones and Bullen continues to shine with gold: 

Self cares and indecisive mouth
He was well versed in self-doubt
Sacred glitter blooming life
Surrounded by worms
Rotting decomposition in wet dirt

Soft landings,
the sweetest dreams are sunnyside up

Mindfully managed
Witness beauty with tired eyes might help us get some sleep

But we might die in our dreams


This is an EP that invites rewinds not only in the verbal sense but also to find the hidden gems Mosart has buried.  Each listen takes away different things and that notion is even captured on “Missing/Airplane”.   The track is framed around a monologue sample from “The Arrival”, an old Twilight Zone episode,  which plays to the idea of perception as an illusion.  It’s very fitting sitting in the middle of an EP that breaks down viewpoints thru it’s entirety.

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