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"New Chains" is Nobi's Attack On Society's Obsession With Piles of Nothing

No one who knows Nobi’s music would be surprised ever at his ability to murder tracks, but his transition further into insightful, deep material truly is starting to highlight the depth of his thinking.  His latest piece “New Chains” is a scathing indictment on society’s materialistic behavior and pattern of irresponsibility and the trap that is laid by the brands that cater to that mindset.  Punctuated by a hypnotic bassline leading theDGTL’s jazzy backdrop, the track invites rewind after rewind to catch each piece of wisdom.  The visual is another masterpiece by the ever talented Justin Frick who continues to pad his already bolstering portfolio.  Check it out above and then add it to a playlist at your favorite streamer below.

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