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New Track City Hits You With That "Plan B."

Federal Way’s own New Track City is at it again with their new single Plan B. This two verse hit showcases emcees Bem and Chi.Stone over a fresh beat made by Dru on Beats, in association with Lynwood’s Vapor Gawd (a.k.a., Wagane D). This track may be produced and performed by some of Washington’s best, but it certainly pays homage to Rap music from all across the country.

This week I caught up with New Track City over Messenger to learn of the song’s production. They explained to me that they “were trying to created something that mixed the West Coast sound with [their] East Coast influence [and] a unique twist similar to Timbaland’s beats’. Their aim hits the mark. With a New York rhyme scheme and an Oakland vocal inflection, New Track City finds a way to salute other pockets of the industry without losing their North West identity. Perhaps this is best exemplified early on in Bem’s verse. The emcee touts, ‘Cash money, I’m a hot boy/A diamond in the rough, I’m Jigga with the roc, boy’. Though Bem is referencing Hip Hop icons from the South as well as the East Coast, Bem himself is the main subject of the couplet. This line as well as the overall message of the song says this —when you’re an imposing presence, nothing (not even the boundaries of your own influences) can adequately contain you.

This track bounces. It’s got a fat bass line that will hit in your car as well as in the club. If you’ve not gotten the chance to listen in to Plan B, get it on Spotify, iTunes, or check out the music video on Youtube produced by Dru on the Camera. Though known amongst rap connoisseurs outside of Seattle, New Track City remains somewhat of a local secret despite their massive talent that merits national recognition. But as Chi.Stone says, the group may be ‘undiscovered, under cover, but [they’re] next, MY GOD!’

Make sure to follow New Track City on Twitter at @newtrackcity253, Instagram at @itsthecity, and visit their website allnewtrackcity.com.


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