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Nick Weaver Pushes You
If You're Tired Of Starting Over

Nick Weaver is set against a purplish backdrop, looking down and thinking.

If you’re plugged into the Seattle Hip Hop scene, you’ve probably heard of Nick Weaver. For the better part of a decade, Weaver has been building an impressive discography pairing lyrical depth with eclectic musicianship. On September 24th, 2020, Weaver released the latest addition to his already impressive repertoire —the EP If You’re Tired of Starting Over. This five-track project compiles previously released singles with some of Weaver’s brand new work to tell a fully fleshed out story of earnest human struggle and discouragement.

I chatted with Weaver this week about the new EP and he shared how close this project was to his personal journey this last year.

I wrote the whole EP around this idea of being tired, unenthused, and basically depleted from music. Honestly, at the time I was facing major depression, in a rough spot with personal relationships, and struggling as an artist”.

-Nick Weaver

The title of the EP references a road sign Weaver often saw (which is depicted on the album art) that read ‘IF YOU’RE TIRED OF STARTING OVER, STOP QUITTING’. This sign served as a frequent goad that kept Weaver from quitting music and inspired the opening lyrics of the EP.

But how’s the music? The word I would use is innovative! This project bends the boundaries of Hip Hop whilst still retaining the urban spirit of the genre. Weaver’s skilled ability to blend melody and rap captivates the listener to engage with the psychology of the lyrics. But don’t think this project is all doom and gloom. It’s not by any means! Weaver said that the lesson he learned while writing this project was “maybe just try and get back to having fun”; that message definitely comes across in the music. The upbeat “Make That List” (released earlier this year), brings a bouncing rhythm section and a trilling trumpet that would go well with any breezy sunset drive. Pulling inspiration from Weaver’s newfound love for Jazz music, many of the songs incorporate brass and woodwinds in a pleasing synergy of easy listening and the vigorous kinetics of Weaver’s rhyme scheme. All in all, If You’re Tired of Starting Over takes the listener on a journey and lands them in a place of contentment beyond life’s hardships.

Make sure to check out Nick Weaver’s If You’re Tired of Starting Over and follow him at the links below.

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