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Nobi and B-Boy Fidget Come "Clean" On New Banger

Cover for Nobi single "Clean" is drawn in the style of RugRats cartoon with pictures of Nobi, B-Boy Fidget-, theDGTL, and Philip Peterson.

Nobi and B-Boy Fidget have tag-teamed up on a new feel-good joint called “Clean” just in time to lead us out of winter.  When you hear the opening notes, you immediately understand that you needed a joint like this.  The airy production from theDGTL forms a cool vibe that draws a picture of stepping out of your house into the morning sun.

Nobi and Fidget dish on pushing forward past adversity in groovy fashion over the track with some funky guitars from Cameron Lavi-Jones of King Youngblood adding to the mood.  It’s perfect for that Spring weather we have coming but also fit to lighten up the grey in the meantime.  Get up on it.


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