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Nobi, Sol, Jamel Moxey, and Grimeshine Voltron Up On "Calling Me"

Grimeshine has shown a clear knack for assembling talent and drawing heat rocks from the squadron.  His latest concoction is “Calling Me”, a vigorous bopper featuring Nobi, Jamel Moxey, and Sol dropping A+ testimonials on their work ethic.

Nobi sets things off with a quick intro issuing the energy for the track until he passes the mic off to Moxey.  Moxey highlights his capabilities as a dual threat with a cold verse followed by a sung bridge while Sol closes the affair out with that veteran deftness he is expected to carry. The whole affair rides on top of a bouncy Grimeshiner.  That’s a new noun for your lexicon, a Grimeshiner.  Look up his catalog to get hip!

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