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Getting In On Something "Radical" With Hajj

Seattle rapper Tha Hajj recently released a single accompanied with a video titled, “Radical”. The video is directed by KGR Majesty and the song is produced by Ready Ron Beats. To match the energy of the times “Radical” is a protest song, but do not worry it is not corny at all. Hajj still has plenty of sharp-barbs to keep you on your toes. The beat starts contemplative with slow piano keys and a clip of Malcolm X speaking. On a side-note, Malcolm X changed his name to El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz after his pilgrimage to Mecca. So the slain-leader and the MC in Seattle share sentiment and a name.

The video is mostly clips of Hajj and his crew out smoking in the street and clips of protests and protesters. The hook has the rapper singing the chorus over more of Malcolm speaking. The artist’s flow is up-tempo and energetic. He drops serious bars decrying racism, even speaking on racism within Hip-Hop; such as White MC’s not truly supporting Black Lives. It is a necessary connection the young MC makes between Racism on a global level and racism right here at home in his very own scene. Hajj has a high-pitch, youthful voice that keeps your attention throughout the entire track.

The end of the song has the rapper speaking a little spoken-word piece as the beat plays itself out. It is icing on the cake and pushes the song over the top into repeat-worthy level. Put Hajj on the list of Seattle MC’s who are doing Seattle right with their Hip-Hop.