Razor Tongue Media

On The Blade
With Cool Nutz

On The Blade is Razor Tongue Media’s interview series where we talk shit with underground Hip Hop personalities, both long-established and up and coming.  This time around we chop it up with the mighty Cool Nutz, the longest tenured artist in Northwest Hip Hop ever, one who has consistently released great music over a career spanning 30 years.

When people think of long rap careers, there are not many artists remaining who have consistently put out good music for 30 years straight.  That goes for any artist in any genre from any region, but we have one right here in our backyard in Cool Nutz.  We got to chop it with him recently about his new album Failure is the Feeling and also spoke about his recipe for success over his epic run, his interactions with Portland police over the years and how that has evolved given current events, how giving to others is just as important as focusing on self to build your brand, and many other great topics.  Check it out right here.

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