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Yel sits with one arm across her other wearing a black long sleeve shirt and her hair braided into a bun.

On The Blade is Razor Tongue Media’s interview series where we talk shit with underground Hip Hop personalities, both long established and up and coming.  

Yel’s newest project The Life I Live explores the struggle and drama that she has experienced in writing, recording, and releasing music in this turbulent world. Always providing relatable lyrics and pushing her rap prowess, Yel has provided us with a wild and emotional EP just in time for winter.
Yel starts The Life I Live with a sense of nostalgia in the track “Summer”, and brings back that yearning with a laid back smooth flow in the tracks “How Many Days” and “Moments & Therapy”.
The project also showcases Yel’s emotional explosions in the powerful tracks, “It’s That”, “Live”, and “Insane”. This EP ranges from the smooth to the gritty and packs a punch at every lyric and beat drop.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Yel about The Life I Live, the inspiration and process behind this tumultuous project, and what she has in store for us in the future.

How was the process of writing this album different from the rest of the music you have released?

“With this project I had to dig deep into a lot of my pain and past traumas to find my message for the EP. This project was definitely a major emotional/spiritual journey for me.”

What is the inspiration you want listeners to take away from this project?

“The inspiration I want listeners to take back from this project is that I found happiness & peace on the other side of my pain. The project really breaks down specific lessons and situations I’ve learned and been through that have made me the artist I am today. Through it all if I gave up because of someone’s opinion or because I thought it was “too hard” I wouldn’t be where I am today. Don’t give up! And don’t allow people to discourage you from your purpose and goals. Shine through your darkest moments and watch how that not only helps you but everyone around you.”

Is there a track from this album that you had difficulty writing, and if so what was your process and how did you overcome that challenge?

“The hardest song I had to record hands down was “Life Keeps Going”. The song was about my father who passed a few years ago and was also the last song I recorded on the project.

I knew after writing it that I’d probably need to cry to get through recording it which is exactly what happened. The only way I could overcome it is by crying through it honestly. Lol it was one of the most awkward/relieving feelings I’ve ever had.”

What is your favorite line in the whole project?

“My favorite line from the EP is actually off my last track “Life Keeps Goin,

‘Break, lord I’m fading away
I feel I’ve never felt that burn like it’s scorchin today,
But shit at times I feel alone scared of dying alone.
A night vision of who I am workin makin it known , never making it home, Dear lord just let me speak,
I think that bullet hit my soul now when I cry I bleed, guess that’s the fear in me’

The verse is a conversation I’m having with God about my father’s death. Talking to him about the battle of losing him. Trying to explain to God that the lesson was too much to take, but in the midst of that realizing it was the fear of losing him and dying alone like he did that scared me.”

With concerts still unable to happen due to the pandemic, are there any forthcoming radio interviews or upcoming music videos your fans can expect?

“Yea, the pandemic has changed a lot of things but my fans can still expect more videos, interviews coming up, and a lot more! Might even have some controlled pop up shows coming soon! #TeamYelTheMovement all day!”

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