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One Famm Music Group Has Its Eyes Set on 2021 and Beyond

Tacoma’s longest-running and incredibly active label One Famm is run by entrepreneur extraordinaire, Theo Hall aka Mr. Network. The label stays so busy dropping new music that instead of featuring every new release, I try to give an update every few months so we can all stay on-top of their new music.

So first-up we have Skyler Quinn. She is a pop-artist based-out of California. She has an impressive resume that includes music, modeling, acting, and stand-up comedy. Her latest release is “Stuntin‘” and it is available on all platforms. It is a bubble-gum, catchy, guitar-riff driven, party-anthem. The tempo of the song is slowed-down a little more than standard pop-tunes so it helps the listener focus on her lyrics. It is a typical party-ode about drinking, haters, stunting, and having fun in Cali’. “I keep stunting, my bass loud, see the Hollywood sign right above my house.” She has the look to go far. It is a good signing for One Famm. Mr. Network has a healthy selection of artists representing many genre’s on One Famm and diversity is one of their strengths.

Next-up is Tino Ski from North Seattle. Two weeks ago he released a video titled “Won’t Wait” on YouTube. It is a smooth pop tune with some serious romantic-tendencies. Tino goes back and forth seamlessly between singing and rapping. The song is light-hearted R&B. The video is a cool and basic and has Tino and his lady chilling in their home being cuddly, scenes of 2 dancers performing a routine, and some time spent at a small house-party. It is a chill vibe and makes for some fun easy-listening.

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