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Ralph Reign Takes You On a Journey Through "Peace of Mind"

On the cover for his single "Peace of Mind", Ralph Reign stands with his arms outstretched between two speaker towers.

Enter into the mystical world of Tacoma based producer and performer Ralph Reign. Reign’s unique style, which juxtaposes a laid back tone against fast lyrical flow lulls listeners into a hypnotic, trans-like state, very much consistent with his music’s themes of metaphysics and New Ageism.

This week, Reign released his latest single “Peace of Mind”, which is, much like his other works, an otherworldly listening experience. The old school sample beat harkens back to Hip Hop of the late 90’s and utilizes airy synths that give the song an almost science fiction sort of vibe. When the melodic sawtooth bassline and soulfully sung hook hits, the listener is quickly swept away on Reign’s narrated journey of ponderance and enlightenment.

Lyrically, Reign plays with the boundaries of reality and fantasy. In this interplay, he finds a way to lower the stakes of (and even beautify) one’s struggle with today’s sociopolitical climate. The verses of the song present a string of consciousness which weaves in and out of anxiety and euphoria. One moment Reign depicts himself deflated and apathetic and the next he imagines himself assassinating Donald Trump, then quickly back to comparing himself to an extraterrestrial. This dynamic and the hook’s petition for a peace of mind not yet found, suggests the possibility that perhaps the very pursuit of resolution may be an adventure worth taking.

Reign’s whimsy as well as his pronounced philosophical intelligence makes “Peace of Mind” a must listen. Light some incense, lean back, and give it a play.

Don’t forget to check out Ralph Reign on Spotify and Apple Music, and follow him Instagram at @ralphreign333 and on Facebook at @reignofralph.


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