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Real Kozby and Stuey Newton Are Deadly On Interstate 5 Murders

Cover for "Interstate 5 Murders" has the faces of Stuey Newton and Real Kozby imposed into the letters that make up the word five.

When it comes to straight-up bars not many in Washington State can compare to the duo of Real Kozby and Stuey Newton of Silk Road Entertainment. Perhaps no duo in the area is more respected for their rapping ability than these two.

Stuey earned his respect in the battle arena but he is by no means a one-trick pony. His production is sick and sought-after and his song-writing skills are as sharp as his battle-rhymes. Real Kozby is known more for traditional Hip-Hop however Kozby also has hella experience in the battle leagues.

The region has been waiting for these two to drop a joint-project for quite some time so this was awesome to finally see. The album The Interstate 5 Murders is 11 tracks (an intro, an outro, and 9 songs all with the word “bar” in the title; for example, there is “Barr Mitzvah”, “Barrberic”, “Barr Stool”, and so on). The theme is laid out and we know what we are about to get.

The intro begins with Huey P. Newton proclaiming his rights to self-defense in the face of vicious cops. It sets the stage for the energy that the album will bring. The first track “Barr Mitzvah” is in the vein of the minimal. There are no drums, just a melodic loop with distorted singing and the two trade rhymes for just under 3 minutes. No hook or chorus, just a moody beat and two inspired rhymers.

“Barrberic” is a slow, grimy beat and it is dark boom-bap at its best. To no one’s surprise, there are no choruses or hooks on any of these songs which focus more on just ill beats with hardcore vocal displays. The two go back and forth like any crew of duo’s you could name – I am talking Jada/Sheek, Westside/Benny, EPMD, Ghost/Rae levels.

The rest of the album goes back and forth between lyric-heavy minimal beats to hard-knocking boom-blappers. I cannot leave y’all without a quote from each of these heavyweights. Here is Real Kozby on “Barrcelona”:

“More star power than Princess Toadstool
Fuck luck fuck faith like Miles from Soul Food
The rappers on my plate they starting to look like whole food
If it’s bars that you seek I am the one that you go through.”

Next we have Stuey Newton on “Barr Exam”:

“Mike Tyson with the one two, Body head shotty spread
Hit by a Shooter in Abercrombie threads
Popped ‘em in the side of his face, gave him that zombie lead
Finna make ya entire family look like the walking dead
Paid hitters, they ain’t stalking you they trying to stalk the bread
I ain’t making light of this shit, let’s make it dark instead
Mark his head/He couldn’t rhyme faster than the cartridge fled
Cause the price is right like something that Bob Barker said.”

The album outro takes us away from this album leaving us feeling like we just heard murder on wax. I will be listening to this album again, and again, and again.

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