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Real Kozby is Only Bringing That Good Energy

Real Kozby blows smoke out in a black and white image.

Real Kozby is not letting 2020 slow his progress at all.  As October ends, the South End mic smasher is dropping his third project of the year in EnergyEnergy is a 14-track effort where Kozby continues to showcase his ability to intermingle a vicious pen game with contemporary stylings and catchy cadences.  Its all the more impressive to see the streak continue in a year where many artists have slowed down amongst the year’s relentless suffocation of bad news.  

Kozby starts off with “42 Gems”, a bar for bar clinic on why he is one of the most capable spitters in the Top Left with quips like:

Place all your bets, its time to raise the stakes/
N—as be acting big time like they Flavor Flav/
Dressed in all black like I’m Agent K/
This shit light like a paper plate/ I do this shit day to day/

The thing that helps Kozby provide rewind material is his effortless delivery scheme. It’s one of those I can do this all day type flows, one where you can almost hear him smirking at anyone feeling like they are competition. This type of posturing might be at its best on “See Me Win”, an up-tempo swagfest where Kozby shrugs off haters like Russell Wilson does interceptions. This confidence also carries through on tracks like “Down and Out”, a simmering ode to everyone who was not there for Kozby on his way up. These types of songs may be common in Hip Hop but it’s Real’s crafty notepad that separates it from the pack.

Energy carries that, well….energy, to the end. Just about every track is full of one-liner zings like on “The Convo” where he spits “You n—as got no class like senior skip day.” It’s writing like that that will have cats rolling these tracks back until Kozby hits us with another one, which will probably be shortly after you read this at his current rate.


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