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RJ Sol Gives You Nothing But "Pleasure" On New Joint

Pleasure is the new single from RJ Sol. Here he is pictured leaning against the back on an old school, orange Chevelle.

RJ Sol’s “Pleasure” sets a groove and is a perfect fall single for singing along. The smooth soul infused R&B hit is RJ’s third 2020 single, after “Surfaces” and “Summer Breeze”, falling the April release of the EP 703. Taking thick bass lines and adding 90’s reminiscent lyrical flows, RJ sings about relatable issues and feelings that everyone faces. At the top of his game, RJ hones his sound into a driving force that blends the best of R&B moods to provide a catchy beat driving straight through the speakers.

This gem of a track explodes through the beat and gives RJ’s signature singing on the singsong guitar riffs a smooth electric energy. Eclectic and passionate promise in “Pleasure” is that he’ll make you feel better trying to get to know your body, feed your soul… and physically give you pleasure.
His sound has evolved from 703 leaning into the sweet seductive sound that pushes the boundaries of the bass and works with the light incidental beats and creates a smooth longing sound that is perfect for a sunday drive or a night in the bedroom.


A combination of this signature explosively alluring lyrics is what makes RJ a must listen to in the current NorthWest R&B scene. Working hard as a lyricist and even more devoutly as a melodic genius this track is a wonderful taste of what is to come in terms of RJ’s beguiling smooth sound.


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