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Rob Nollan and Ace Loner Got You Riding In A "Circle"

Hand drawn style picture of Rob Nollan

Well, what a song for my first assignment. I doubt I could’ve picked a more appropriate one that would compliment where I am at in my life than this one. Rob Nollan is a MC/producer out of Tacoma and his latest is “Circle” which also features fellow Tacoman Ace Loner. The track starts with a thought provoking sample before we get to it.

The Matthew McConaughey quote on the cycle of time from True Detective frames for the listener a head space that readies you for the reality-slapping words to come. This eases you into a soft tempo and then pow! The hook comes in. “Round and round, round we go”. 2Pac flipped, but here the classic mantra weighs heavier as we find once we get into the verses.

There’s some wise words coming out of East Tacoma here. “Circle” captures the grey of the Northwest, and mental health is definitely a subject often neglected by the majority due to the image it imposes in the minds of others. No problem for Nollan and Ace. Really, Hip Hop should thank them by at least adjusting its hat in their direction.

The depression often caused by the Northwest’s cloudy Vitamin D hindering among its residents is getting called out. Times we live in now are definitely multiplying the feelings and negative emotions for many people and “Circle” helps counter that, a cradle to make you rock until you relax and find yourself more comfortable. To add to that, Nollan’s production is mellow enough to allow you to pay all your attention to the words but still has a certain kick that makes it a must-listen for those marijuana heads into some introspective time spent in thought.

There is plenty here to chew on as far as bars are concerned. Each one has enough contained in it to keep you on that pause button as this message deserves attention. What is so bad about a solid press on repeat for the sake of some real? As Ace Loner lays out on his verse, “This beat sounds like therapy” and these verses sound like the progress made. Salute!

Ace Loner stands in a blue tinted room wearing a hoodie.

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